Institutional and Program Evaluations (IPEs)

If your institution has plans to develop an articulation agreement with an international institution, Educational Perspectives can help you with a review of your prospective partner’s programs. Our specialized IPEs give you an idea of how well the programs of a prospective partner institution meshes with your own.

IPEs include:
  • A critical analysis of the content of a non-US program and its admission requirements
  • Answers to specific questions regarding a program and institution accreditation or recognition
  • Information regarding program length, assessment, scope and intent of the program are provided
  • Language of instruction and expected language proficiency information can be provided
  • Understand key educational systems and countries in order to help you make timely, informed admissions decisions

Sample IPE (General Evaluation)

Sample IPE (Course Match)

Fees for IPEs are based on a variable hourly rate. Contact EP for a quote.