Our Policies and Procedures

Requests for additional Information or Documents

Upon review of your application and documents, our evaluation staff may determine that additional information is required in order to complete your evaluation. In this case, an ‘Information Request’ will be issued specifically stating the information that is required. This request will be sent by email. Educational Perspectives may also attempt to contact you via phone to inform you of our request. We will keep your application active for six months, but you may request an extension. If we do not hear from you within six months, your application will be inactivated. There is a $60 reactivation fee. If an application is inactive for six months, all documentation will be discarded. After that date, all documentation and a new evaluation fee will be required.

Educational Perspectives reserves the right to contact educational and governmental institutions in order to obtain additional information regarding the academic program(s) you completed or to verify the authenticity of the documents submitted for evaluation. An evaluation report will be prepared only after sufficient documentation has been received.


Requests for a re-evaluation based on documents that were not submitted with an original application will be treated as a new evaluation. A second payment for the service requested must be made before an evaluation will be prepared.

Type of Report Prepared

If Educational Perspectives determines that the education completed is not the equivalent of for-credit course work offered by a postsecondary institution in the United States, a General evaluation report may be prepared. If a Course-by-Course, Subject Analysis, or Catalog Match evaluation report was requested, the difference in the cost between the report requested and the General report will be refunded. Requests for a Course-by-Course evaluation of secondary-level and postsecondary study on the same evaluation report may be requested by selecting a Course-by-Course Including High School Courses evaluation.


A refund will be made only when an applicant has paid to Educational Perspectives more than the cost of the evaluation report prepared by Educational Perspectives. Fees are not refundable once an application has been submitted. In addition, checks returned as Non-Sufficient-Funds (NSF) will be subject to an additional $35 fee.

Prior to submitting an application, you will be required to agree to our refund policy via our Terms of Service, which is located on our application form.

Equivalencies, Evaluation Reports, Revisions

The conclusions stated in our evaluation reports are based on in-depth research utilizing the best information and resources available to evaluators in the United States. Our evaluation reports reflect our judgment based on this research. As additional information becomes available, Educational Perspectives reserves the right to reassess our equivalencies. Unless stated otherwise, EP evaluations remain valid for a period of up to five (5) years after the date of completion. When copies of an evaluation report are requested at a later time, Educational Perspectives is under no obligation to review or revise the report in accordance with any changes that may have occurred. Requests for a review or revision of an evaluation completed more than six months prior to the date of request must be accompanied by a $60 review fee. This fee does not guarantee that a revision will be made to a completed evaluation.

Documentation Issues

We do not return or release any official academic documentation sent directly to us by the issuing institution; English translations, curricula, syllabi, and academic credentials sent directly to us by the issuing institution become the property of Educational Perspectives.

If you submit forged or altered documents no evaluation report will be prepared, your documents will not be returned, and you will not receive a refund of the amount you paid. In addition, this information will be shared with other evaluation agencies and appropriate governmental and institutional authorities.

Educational Perspectives cannot be held accountable and accepts no liability for loss or damage to documents sent to our office. Although every effort is made to protect your documents from loss or damage, it is suggested that you send valuable or irreplaceable documents via a reputable courier service and request, and pay for, courier service for their return.


Educational Perspectives corresponds with applicants primarily by email. Questions regarding completed evaluations or additional requests for information must be addressed in writing by email to info@edperspective.org – please clearly state your name and reference number (if provided) and the reason for your correspondence. Questions regarding the status of an evaluation in process should be directed to status@edperspective.org.